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David A. Smith
David A. Smith

As a real estate professional, I bring well over 20 years of sales and marketing experience to your side. Selling businesses is my specialty, selling businesses and only selling businesses is at the forefront of my daily activities.

It’s important to me and should be to you too if you are a business owner trying to sell your business. As a business owner or business buyer if you go to a broker’s website and you see all homes, vacant land or commercial buildings listed for sale that may be a strong indicator that the broker has his or her job focus going in a lot of different directions. And you would maybe just be an afterthought in their daily activity list. It’s easier to hit the target (selling businesses) when selling businesses is your sole focus every day.

Many times, the financials of a business do not accurately reflect the value of a business so the business must be sold on the potential at some level on what the business is doing and not showing or what the business can do. What I am saying is selling businesses many times comes down to (actually selling) not just posting an advertisement on a website or two and waiting for the phone to ring.

Besides well over 20 years of marketing and sales experience, I bring to our side 13 years as a top-rated military recruiter (even being a highly successful Army Recruiter at a time when our country was at war). I know how to sell the tangible (profitable businesses) and the intangible (businesses sold on potential) and anywhere in-between.

My office also brings bilingual skills and paralegal skills to our side of the table. My team and I would love to help sell your business or buy a business. As always Seller and Buyer consultations are free.

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